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sales tax revenues. >> nbc's mike taibbi joins us from phoenix. what do we know from the meetings today? >> reporter: well, the governor is going to be very busy today, tamron, she's going to have a number of meetings, one with the three state senators whom you just refer. we spoke to one, who expects to explain why he and his two senate colleagues changed their mind. as you say, originally supported for the bill believed it had nothing to do with lgbt or identity issues, that it was a religious freedom bill, as it says in the text, the words gay, lesbian, lgbt don't exist anywhere in the bill, senator pierce pointed out, so he did support and vote for that, along with his republican congress, then you saw the fallout and saw that whether there's a difference between reality and perception or not, perception is what matters, it's what people are reacting to. he said we made a mistake, we got to fix it. he's going to go and tell the governor exactly that. then the governor is likely going to hear from the phoenix economic council. we spoke to the executive director. he said he's been spe
of that cincinnati office that pertained to whether or not tea party and conservative groups can qualify to tax exempt status to that point have not been seen. that's why you hear from a lot of democrats on that panel that this is just more, if anything, amounts to personal politics, that this plays well on conservative blogospheres and cable channels, that you can do these types of hearings about the irs, about the imperial presidency, quote, unquote, and this can play well with voters in november. but as far as what happens with lois lerner, her attorney is going to have a press conference later today, she continues to invoke her fifth amendment rights, and the interesting thing about this hearing today, it was a continuation of one that happened last year, where a lot of democrats said, look, lois lerner's already testified, you can't bring her back, she's already pled the fifth. but republicans said because she gave an opening statement her fifth amendment rights were not applicable. this is going to be going back and forth and if it plays well politically with the base, why not have a go a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3